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Taiwan Internation Cello Festival  (TWICF)
9th- 19th of October 2024

Under the artistic direction of Pi-Chin Chien the International cello-festival comprises several concerts, three days of master classes and workshops. A great happening entirely dedicated to the cello which takes part in two locations in the south and north, in the concert halls of the two largest cities of Taiwan, Kaohsiung and Taipei.


Swiss Music Night in Taiwan
An intercultural bridge between Switzerland and Taiwan since 2013

The Swiss Music Night in Taiwan is a platform founded by Pi-Chin Chien and Fabian Müller in 2013 to bring outstanding classical musicians from Switzerland in collaboration with Taiwanese orchestras and musicians.

01-Webbilder-confluence-2024 Kopie.jpg
Confluence Musikfest 
A festival for music without limits

Together with Fabian Müller, Pi-Chin Chien launched the “Confluence” music festival in Zurich, characterized by the timeless connection between folk and classical music, and the musical encounter between East and West.

Taiwan Rhapsody

Rhapsodic music for violoncello and orchestra based on some of Taiwan's most beautiful folk songs.

„I love Taiwan - and I love the cello... 
These beautiful melodies fit so well on the cello - congratulations to Fabian and Pi-Chin!“ 
Steven Isserlis 
(British cellist; one of the most reknowned musicians of our time.) 

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